Harensesteenweg 232 bus 2.8, 1800 Vilvoorde
Harensesteenweg 232 bus 2.8,
1800 Vilvoorde

Take a Swing

The National Brussels is the exquisite venue where we start hitting some golf balls on the drive range.
Snow Software kicked off with an interactive session where Ramsey Dukali and Pieter Moeremans took the audience through the challenges (and solutions) of all those SaaS solutions out there that get procured beyond the standard processes. How to discover these and stay in control?

Stef Vanhooff from Econocom Lease explained how Device as a Service (DaaS) evolves with a shift from ownership to usership and a move from a linear to a circular supply chain.

BrightBoard concluded the presentations during an apéro with Wim De Smedt demonstrating live very eye-catching ways to get your story across to a large audience in no time.
The networking part started with a 3-course dinner.

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