Harensesteenweg 232 bus 2.8, 1800 Vilvoorde
Harensesteenweg 232 bus 2.8,
1800 Vilvoorde

How to negotiate with Microsoft like an expert

We kicked-off at Telenet in Mechelen with the big reveal of a dynamic BrightBoard LED wall realizing 3D content at the Telenet Square.  White Raven IT introduced themselves to many first time participants to our event, followed by a "tour de table" where everyone's expectations were set.

Carlo from Telenet continued with a testimonial on how Telenet is using White Raven IT's advisory services and what Telenet got out of it.  Interaction is key, so we went on with break-out sessions on Why, How, Who and When to negotiate with Microsoft and wrapped it up with a short elaboration on White Raven IT's independent approach.  We concluded the evening with a lot of interaction, networking, nice food and drinks.

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