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Tailored IT
for modern

At White Raven IT, we are your trusted advisory partner, committed to helping you excel in the ever-changing technology landscape. With our independent services, we negotiate contracts, reduce costs, and mitigate risks for Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and IBM. Our expertise accumulated over the years ensures a transparent and trustworthy approach, providing you with tangible figures and hands-on tips and tricks.

But our dedication doesn't stop there. We go beyond traditional solutions and challenge the status quo by actively seeking out new technology players in the market.

By choosing to work with White Raven IT, you gain access to our comprehensive advisory services and the opportunity to explore new frontiers. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to helping you move up to the next level. Trust us as your reliable partner, and together we will navigate the complexities of the technology world, drive cost savings, and unlock new possibilities for your business's success.

Making sure you're compliant with Oracle licenses and subscriptions in a cost efficient way is a continuous struggle for many of our customers, also because the rules of the game frequently change. Cloud, on-prem, Java, Fusion, we'll be happy to help with your questions or negotiations.

in control

IBM licensing is generally being perceived as complex and often changing. The product portfolio is growing through acquisitions, each adding products with own licensing metrics and rules. Keeping track of all this as well as reducing costs with sub-capacity licensing through ILMT, requires expert advice.
Would you like to gain control over your Microsoft licenses? Are you in need of independent expertise to optimize your licensing environment? Do you want guidance during your renewal process? Trust us to navigate you to the ever changing world of Microsoft. We dispose of the necessary industry experience, supportive customer network and the knowledge that can make the decisive difference for you as a customer in your negotiation process.
Are you in full control of your SAP cost? RISE vs S4/Hana, the lack of licensing transparency, ever-changing metrics, and rules around "indirect use" or "digital access" are just some of the reasons why many customers struggle with their SAP licensing.

New technologies
for your IT

Complete Visibility for Modern IT

Technology powers business. Yet the amount of software, applications and infrastructure that organizations need to manage is sharply increasing as is the complexity.

Snow Software is changing the way organizations manage their technology investments, empowering IT to drive transformation with precision and agility. With solutions for software, SaaS, SAP and cloud management, Snow provides complete insights into consumption, risks and costs, so you can drive operational efficiency and growth, and accurately govern and forecast with confidence.

Decisions are informed by data, accelerating your ability to predict and respond. With Snow, you see your complete technology ecosystem with clarity and perspective, so you can focus on the big picture. We call this technology intelligence.

The Java platform for the modern cloud enterprise

Develop, deliver, optimize and manage Java applications with the certainty of performance, security, value and success.

Azul Platform Core

Azul Platform Core is designed for the enterprise, with the certified builds, tight security, and cost efficiencies you need to run today’s business–critical, Java-based services.

Azul Platform Prime

Azul Platform Prime turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimized runtime that maximizes performance while driving down infrastructure costs.

Azul Vulnerability Detection

Detecting vulnerabilities in production is more critical than ever for enterprises. Azul Vulnerability Detection, an agentless cloud service, continuously detects known vulnerabilities in production, filling the critical gap in enterprises’ secure software supply chain strategies. By leveraging Azul JVMs, it produces more accurate results with no performance penalty and eliminates false positives.

Your expert in cybersecurity

We use a combination of integrated tactics to help enterprises cope with today’s vast cybersecurity threats. Secutec employs Gartner’s Adaptive Security Framework (ASA) and offers tailor made solutions for each of the four common security quadrants: predicting, preventing, detecting and responding.

Your personal cyber security partner

  1. Technical Support: ZeroBit wants nothing more than to be your CISO. Your Chief Information Security Officer, advising and assisting you. In good and bad days. We are your partner against crime.

  2. Security Audit: You are more vulnerable than you think. Our ethical hackers can show you that effortlessly and unimpeded. With the help of pen tests. Let the good guys test your applications, infrastructure or APIs, and don't give the bad boys a chance.

  3. Awareness: A warned man is worth two, an updated man even more. ZeroBit keeps your employees on their toes. And lets them still see the forest for the trees. From the glut of cyber security information, we extract what matters. That, and that alone, you get told by us.

  4. Phishing: Have you been angling for a customized phishing campaign that takes your business to the next level? Then don't get caught yourself and partner with us.

BrightBoard provides the wow factor…

LED screens are investments that pay for themselves. It’s only right to work with experts with ample experience.

From design and installation to comprehensive training and customer support, we take care of everything.

Simplify Your Storage Ownership, Forever

Evergreen//Forever™ is a traditional storage offering with a subscription to continuous software and hardware upgrades, for an always improving storage experience. Delivered non-disruptively and with data in place, Pure Storage® Evergreen® architecture means you can buy storage once and keep it modern, virtually forever.

Interesting customer experiences with
White Raven IT

“Joining forces with White Raven IT’s experts has been a new and wonderful experience for our team within Carlsberg. These experts explain things during a project, so we can learn from them and apply it to future projects as well.”
Melanie Nash
Senior Software Contract Manager
"White Raven IT has supported KBC group with industry relevant levers and insights. White Raven IT was responsive to KBC group’s needs, this in combination with a result driven focus. Beyond the content, it’s refreshing to work with White Raven IT due to their to-the-point-attitude."
Thomas Winter
Manager Procurement
"White Raven IT provided professional strategic licensing expertise as well as negotiation support for one of our strategic contract renewals. We especially appreciated the close and professional collaboration which was based on a mutual trust whilst keeping up a good spirit at all times."
Marc Baier & Filip Van herle
Group Vendor and Procurement Management
"Thanks to a lot of benchmarking data and valuable cross-border connections, White Raven IT guided us intensively through various options in our contract negotiations with Microsoft and thoroughly challenged the intermediate results up to the final offering."
Tom Goerens
Vice President & Head of Business Unit IT Production
Procurement is more than just purchasing, it's about making strategic decisions that positively impact your bottom line. White Raven IT’s data-driven approach and expert analysis allowed us to optimize our procurement practices and achieve better outcomes.
Bart Bruynickx
ICT infrastructure & Operations Manager