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Strategic IT Solutions Customized for Today's Businesses

At White Raven IT, we serve as your dedicated advisory partner, focused on empowering you in the dynamic technology landscape.

Through our independent services, we excel in contract negotiations, cost reduction, and risk mitigation for Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and IBM. Our wealth of expertise, honed over years of experience, ensures a transparent and dependable approach, delivering concrete results and actionable insights.

Yet, our commitment goes further.

By choosing to partner with White Raven IT, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of advisory services and the chance to explore new horizons. We understand the hurdles you face and are committed to propelling you forward. Consider us your steadfast ally. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of the tech world, drive savings, and unveil fresh avenues of success for your business."

Looking to gain control over your Microsoft licenses? Need independent expertise to optimize your licensing environment? Seeking guidance for your renewal process? Trust White Raven IT to navigate you through the ever-changing world of Microsoft. With extensive industry experience, a robust customer network, and expert knowledge, we're poised to make a decisive difference for you in your negotiation process. Take charge of your Microsoft licensing with confidence and precision.

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Managing Oracle licenses and subscriptions for compliance and cost-efficiency is an ongoing concern for many of our esteemed clients. The dynamic nature of licensing rules adds to the complexity. Whether you're grappling with Cloud, on-premises deployments, Java licensing, or navigating the intricacies of Fusion applications, our seasoned experts are ready to provide invaluable support. We understand the nuances of Oracle licensing and can assist you in making informed decisions. Reach out to us for any questions or negotiations. With White Raven IT, you can trust that we'll find the optimal solutions for your Oracle licensing needs, ensuring both compliance and cost-effectiveness.
IBM licensing is widely acknowledged as complex and subject to frequent shifts. With a growing product portfolio stemming from acquisitions, each introducing unique licensing metrics and rules, staying compliant can be challenging. Managing costs and optimizing usage, especially through sub-capacity licensing facilitated by IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), demands specialized expertise.
Are you in full control of your SAP cost? Navigating the complexity of SAP licensing can be a daunting task. The introduction of RISE vs S4/Hana, coupled with the lack of licensing transparency and the ever-changing metrics, poses a challenge for many companies. Additionally, understanding the rules around 'indirect use' or 'digital access' further complicates matters. At White Raven IT, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to help you regain control of your SAP licensing costs. Our experts offer tailored strategies and insights to ensure you optimize your SAP investments efficiently.

Embracing New Technologies: Tailored Solutions for Your IT Challenges

Maximizing IT Visibility: A Modern Approach

Technology fuels modern business operations, but the ever-expanding landscape of software, applications, and infrastructure presents new challenges.

Snow Software revolutionizes technology management, empowering IT to lead with precision and flexibility.

Offering solutions for software, SaaS, SAP, and cloud management, Snow delivers comprehensive insights into consumption, risks, and costs. This enables enhanced operational efficiency, fostering growth, and ensuring confident governance and forecasting. Data-driven decisions are accelerated, enhancing your ability to anticipate and adapt.

With Snow Software, gain a clear, panoramic view of your entire technology ecosystem, enabling you to concentrate on the broader strategic vision. Welcome to the era of technology intelligence.

Moving Beyond Disks: Revolutionizing Data Storage

Unlock a new era of data storage efficiency with Pure Storage. Experience a substantial reduction in costs, with minimal upfront investment and significantly lower ongoing operational expenses.

Elevate the reliability of your infrastructure by consolidating and optimizing product offerings, ensuring unwavering performance.

Embrace unparalleled flexibility to seamlessly adapt to evolving business needs while streamlining operations for resource optimization.

Leverage automated management, which eliminates manual tasks through API-driven processes, leading to effortless efficiency gains.

Experience a transformative shift as flash technology replaces traditional disk storage, enabling full data center consolidation and maximizing efficiency.

Embrace the agility of a cloud operating model, characterized by flexibility, automation, and seamless operations, driving operational efficiency to new heights.

Trust in our solutions to revolutionize your data management landscape and propel your business forward.

Java: Faster, Cheaper, More Secure

Empower your enterprise with Azul Platform Core, a solution crafted to develop, deliver, optimize, and expertly manage Java applications. With certified builds, robust security measures, and efficient cost structures, it ensures peak performance for your business-critical Java-based services.

Elevate your Java ecosystem further with Azul Platform Prime, an ultra-optimized runtime that not only enhances performance but also slashes infrastructure expenses.

In today's cybersecurity landscape, Azul Vulnerability Detection is a game-changer. This agentless cloud service identifies known vulnerabilities in real-time, bolstering your secure software supply chain. Powered by Azul JVMs, it delivers precise results without any performance trade-offs or false alarms.

Enhancing Security: Dark Web Monitoring and DNS Security Solutions

Secutec employs a strategic blend of integrated tactics to fortify enterprises against the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.

Our approach is underpinned by Gartner's acclaimed Adaptive Security Framework (ASA), allowing us to deliver bespoke solutions for each of the four critical security quadrants: prediction, prevention, detection, and response.

This comprehensive strategy ensures that your organization stays ahead of potential threats, safeguarding your digital assets with proactive measures and swift, effective responses.

Securing Your Digital World: Your Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

Empower your cybersecurity strategy with ZeroBit, your dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

From providing round-the-clock technical support to offering expert advice, we stand by you through thick and thin.

Our ethical hackers specialize in security audits, revealing vulnerabilities that may go unnoticed. Through meticulous pen tests, we ensure your applications, infrastructure, and APIs are fortified against cyber threats.

Stay ahead of the curve with our tailored awareness programs. We filter through the noise, delivering only the essential cybersecurity information to your team.

Looking to elevate your defense against phishing attacks? Collaborate with us for a customized campaign that safeguards your business.

Unlocking the Wow Factor

LED screens are more than just displays – they're investments that yield significant returns. To ensure you make the most of this investment, it's crucial to partner with seasoned experts who have a wealth of experience in the field.

We go above and beyond to deliver a seamless experience, handling every aspect from design and precise installation to comprehensive training and ongoing customer support.

With our dedicated team, you can rest assured that your LED screen project is in capable hands.

Customer Testimonials

Procurement is more than just purchasing, it's about making strategic decisions that positively impact your bottom line. White Raven IT’s data-driven approach and expert analysis allowed us to optimize our procurement practices and achieve better outcomes.
Bart Bruynickx
ICT infrastructure & Operations Manager
Imec White
White Raven IT’s negotiation expertise with attention to detail, coupled with their in-depth knowledge and benchmarking material, has empowered us to achieve favorable agreements and set realistic goals to success. With timely and respectful communication on both sides, we achieved the extra mile in our software endeavours.
Nicolas Uzelac
IT Service & Vendor Manager
Argenta White
White Raven IT showcased an excellent partnership with our business and procurement team in our strategic negotiations. Their upfront preparation, hands-on expertise and international benchmarking proved to be instrumental in making the right decisions for us to achieve the best conditions.
Geoffrey Ramon & Alain Callewaert
Digital Workplace & Category Manager
We have repeatedly collaborated with White Raven IT, as we value their assistance with contract negotiations based on their expertise with different customers. Adding their no-nonsense approach makes White Raven IT a partner of interest to us.
Danny Verstraelen
Group ICT Manager
White Raven IT stands out as a trusted partner, providing a robust sounding board for strategic initiatives within their specialized domain. In our case, their deep expertise served as a compass, allowing us to sail through a high-stakes and complex challenge. White Raven IT navigated through the streams, and helped to prepare a comprehensive set of scenarios and action plans. These thoughtfully crafted strategies not only paved the way to an optimal agreement but also drove tangible value. Working with White Raven IT isn’t just efficient—it’s a refreshing collaboration that propels success.
Maarten De Cuypere
Head of Purchasing