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Discover our <span class="gold">SAP</span> services

Transparency in Your Effective Licensing Position (ELP)

Analyzing and Optimizing SAP Software Licenses

Our SAP optimization service automates the optimization of SAP licenses based on the current transactions of SAP systems connected. License reports can be generated automatically, improperly assigned licenses, inactive users and duplications can be identified, and optimal license types allocated to transactions currently in use.

Based on project experiences, 20-40% of users are over licensed in SAP systems! Our service facilitates the optimal utilization of all details of the SAP license agreement, including prices, percentage rules, special licenses, transactions, business objects, engines, etc.

Our service provides you a transparent view on the Effective License Position (ELP) of your organization regarding SAP. We are not an SAP reseller, so no result of an SAP optimization service is in conflict with our business interests. As an independent licensing consultant, we help our clients in legitimate and cost-effective software asset management, so that they spend just as much for their software as it is necessary, and no more!


Digital access / indirect use

Digital Access is one of the hottest topics today. Counting interface connections and digital objects, evaluating business use of SAP generated data, and finding the best license types are just a few of the current issues. We provide expert support and the specific samQ tool to establish a firm statement on your SAP indirect access situation and mitigate your financial risk as much as possible. Our experience shows that by far not all cases belong to indirect use that seem to at first glance.


Role and authorization management

GDPR, SOD, Security, all have a lot to do with SAP role and authorization management. SetQ is an easy to deploy tool containing thousands of roles and a wide range of roles and authorization management tools. It automates your SAP access management keeping it audit-ready and reportable any time. Access-based licensing is more at the forefront of SAP’s revenue generation than transactional, so close control of access profiles is crucial.


SAP Audit

SAP or a SAP Partner Audit will not, based on our experience, result in an optimization of the used licenses. In the other situation, understandably, it will attempt to remedy the identified incompliance merely through license purchases and not by balancing different used licenses. Since 2016 the primary focus of SAP Audits has been Indirect/Digital Access, a metric the overwhelming majority of user-companies is not in control.”


Advantages of SAP optimization services

  • Decreasing administrative costs: we prepare all systems for LAW-inspection.
  • Decreasing legal risk: automatic audit of all engines of the system launched centrally
  • No unprepared audit: you will be aware of the audit report content well before even receiving that.
  • A more accurate inventory of current licenses, and future needs.