Low Pass Interviews

"Low Pass Interviews (LPI)" - an entry-level project with an average of 1-month lead time, at an affordable price.

Low Pass is an aviation term where an aircraft flies over at a low altitude (e.g. in air show) to obtain an overview of the situation in a swift and adequate manner. Through a Low Pass exercise, we, White Ravens, fly over in a swift and adequate manner and gain insight in a customer's Microsoft license situation.  The purpose of this overflight is to spot possible optimizations.  In order to do so, we require insight into the current contracts - completed with 3 interviews with stakeholders at the customer.  Typically, these interviews are conducted with the internal Microsoft contact, the purchaser, someone representing the business, possibly someone involved in Software Asset Management...

What can you as a customer expect as an outcome?

  • YES, we have found optimizations through the LPI and would like to continue working on this with your approval, through our Microsoft 7C Services. The time, efforts and money invested during the LPI exercise pays off in the continuation of the MS 7C exercise.
  • NO, we have not been able to find any significant optimizations during the LPI. You should not make any further investments in a more extensive exercise and you have saved extra time, effort and money.  In this case, you have received, for a small fee, the advice of 2 independent Microsoft experts, as well as confirmation that the Microsoft contracts meet your needs or requirements.