C-2 Content

Moving forward to step 2 in a
Microsoft Contract Renewal context, you need to prepare an inventory/Bill Of Material (BOM) before going into negotiation.

Will you consider your ‘AS IS’, provided by your Microsoft Licensing Partner (LSP), as the only basis for the content of your contract renewal?
Or is it a good time to question:

  • User Profile Groups, are the group profiles still relevant today?  They were created 3 years ago. At that time they were a necessary element in the licensing.  Today the main differentiator can be for instance: Information Workers (IW), Firstline Workers and External Users (with access to LOB and/or pure collaboration (no access to LOB))?
  • Components versus Microsoft bundles? What if a bundle fits more to your current needs and Microsoft is willing to give a discount on their Hero-Suites? It is a good time to consider volumes.
  • Reduction? What if a purchased Microsoft bundle, 3 years ago, is now an overkill both financially and capability-wise? Shall we look at new components or lighter bundles, made available by Microsoft in the meantime?
  • Phasing out? If a Microsoft solution no longer fits your business requirement, phasing out can be an option.
  • New product information? Blown away by Microsoft new product releases and buzz-words they use during a meeting? Talk to us to get a detailed overview of the different plans and comparisons to provide you more clarity. Arrange a meeting with us before you meet Microsoft, so we can make sure you are prepared!
  •  New Products? You would like to have a conversation with someone with a lot of Microsoft knowledge of new products that may fit your business needs? On your Cloud Infrastructure (SAP on Azure, Blockchain on Azure, SharePoint on Azure,…), Data Analytics (BI, Modern Data Warehouse, Big Data & Analytics, AI,…) Developer & App services (DevOps & DevTest, Azure functions,…) IoT, Modern Workplace (Business Productivity and Processes), Communications (Teams), Meetings & collaboration, Content creation, File Share & Content Management, Business Apps, Personal Computing and Innovative Hardware?

​Talk to our ‘Microsoft Product’ specialized partner within our White Raven IT’s partner eco-system, designed for Microsoft services.