What are you facing?


“Oracle has changed Java support policy and which states that any Oracle / Sun Microsystems Java Standard Edition (SE) – including JRE, JDK etc. on LTS release (long term support) would need a paid license/ support or subscription from Oracle for Oracle Java SE Advance/ Desktop in order to receive commercial patches including security support, starting January 2019.

The majority of Java customers worldwide uses Oracle Java LTS version 6, 7, or 8.

This is applicable for all customers, not the typical larger Oracle customer, as all have accepted the BCL (binary code license) agreement with Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle). This would severely affect organizations with unplanned budgets.”

Oracle has replaced BCL (Binary code license) agreement with their standard OTN agreement (with Audit clause) with new Oracle Java SE version 11 release.

How might this affect you?

  • Public Updates for Java 8, 7, 6 for commercial are no longer available since January 2019.
  • Oracle Java and OpenJDK releases will happen on a 6 monthly cadence and only the latest versions will get security patches (except for LTS commercial versions with a support contract).
  • As of Oracle Java SE 11, Oracle will no longer provide free Public Updates (so no free of charge patching).
  • Oracle Java licenses are now sold as an annual subscription rather than on a perpetual license plus support basis.

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