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IBM Licensing

We provide, with veteran IBM specialised licensing experts, the full range of IBM Software Asset Management services to cover all license optimization and audit risk management needs.

  • ILMT implementation (PVU products) to eliminates compliance risk and  provide an overview to the client and serves. This includes technical skills and license administration (analysing deployment and license position, establishing compliance position, fulfil sub-capacity licensing requirements by creating ILMT reports).
  • Assessment of non-PVU products
  • On-going services:
    • ILMT maintenance: 2 years of proactive IBM SAM provides opportunity for significant cost reduction (e.g. partial renewal)
    • Consultancy and optimization - Infrastructure consolidation, procurement optimization”


Support of IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 7.2.2 and 7.5 is discontinued

IBM License Metric Tool, a free software asset management system based on HCL BigFix technology is the most effective tool for measuring your IBM software usage and managing your IBM licenses. Using ILMT is not only an option but also a must if the Company wants to take advantage of sub-capacity licensing. Sub-Capacity Licensing stands for licensing server products on virtual CPU capacity consumption, which can result in significant cost savings of up to 10-12 times, compared to the full-capacity option. However, the prerequisite for this is the implementation and proper usage of the current version of ILMT within 90 days of deploying IBM products in virtualized environments, while the generation of usage reports on a quarterly basis is also required.

Maintenance of ILMT requires significant and regular operating efforts; preparation of usage reports requires thorough and up-to-date IBM licensing knowledge. IBM is one of the most active auditors among software vendors. The existence and adequacy of ILMT reports receive special attention in every audit, the lack of appropriate ILMT reports leads to a license requirement defined by the total physical server capacity on list price and some additional items.