Oracle Contract Negotiations

"We've signed this Oracle cloud contract which seemed easy at first but then there were hundreds of additional pages to be signed and we have no idea what's in there, nor do we know what our options are if these cloud products don't meet our expectations."

All these different types of contracts, policies, allowed setups and so on, it's really hard to get an understanding of it, let alone negotiating a contract that won't require renegotiation after some months.

Many Oracle customers today are convinced that if a good discount has been negotiated, that 95% of the work is done and the procurement divisions did a great job.
Although a well negotiated discount is always a good thing, just by itself, it won't pay off in the long run.
Involving all departments to negotiate clauses of strategic and long-term importance will be far more interesting. Ask yourself if your current needs are also your future needs?  We've been able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for Oracle customers by taking our time answering this very question and mitigating risks at the time.