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High-end Oracle Managed Service

It can be difficult to obtain a good contract not only serving your needs but also those of your end customers.
There are significantly more risks if working with various hosting partners or offering an in-house application, maybe both on-premise and in a cloud.
Often, we see a huge portfolio of Oracle products and solutions being used but a lack of visibility and processes.

When ISVs develop a cool and smart application, sometimes it's still hard putting it in the market as the Oracle technology contracts are not aligned with your business model.

Our high-end Oracle managed service is first of all tailor-made.
This extreme level of customization is a must because a (larger) Oracle customer, an Oracle ISV, integrator or hosting partner has different needs and runs into different risks.
Often, we kick off with a workshop and have your relevant stakeholders around the table. Your current and future needs are being discussed on a strategic and operational level resulting in a detailed risk heat map on an environment, department and/or product level. This prioritization is linked to your current and future needs which result in a plan on getting what you want and need, from a financial, security, ease of management and many other points of view.