The Birth of White Raven IT

The pact is a fact! Today Ilse De Wit and Raf De Backer officially join forces and spread their wings as White Raven IT Bvba!

A year prior to starting White Raven IT, Raf and myself, Ilse, were driving towards a customer.

Back then we already collaborated for 7 years, we were helping customers by providing IT services with a much higher return for the customer than his investment in our services. Our goal was customer satisfaction, long term partnerships and in some cases to provide calm and regain control during stressful software audits and contract negotiations.

At that point in time, we could look at a proven track record of helping customers with a sense of achievement. We asked ourselves the question why we were still doing this for multinational employers instead of becoming entrepreneurs to focus more on our strengths? What kept us from starting our own company? I barely dared to ask Raf, afraid the idea would die here.

To my surprise, Raf reacted positively straight away, but said we had to elaborate the plan first.

One year and many iterations of the plan later, White Raven IT saw the light of day. Our journey starts now in the search for new customer projects to drive customer satisfaction again and help our customers to become faster and more agile in their IT operations.